A man accidentally fell through a family’s skylight window in northwest Harris County.

One family thought the events from early Monday morning were a bizarre and scary experience.

This family who lives in northwest Harris County came face to face with their intruder who had fallen through the skylight roof window.

Kathy Walker and her daughter Shanin Nunley were at home on Idlebrook Drive. They were joined by Kathy’s son-in-law Rick Nunley.

Rick was working the night shift and wasn’t there when the call came in.

Rick Nunley, who works nights, was laying in his room watching television when the incident happened.

Moments earlier, they were about to head over to bed for the night. Suddenly, they heard a big crash coming from downstairs.

“It was such a strange feeling,” Walker said. It was as if I had been dreaming when I woke up.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Rick said. “He smashed through the glass and fell down, yelling out at the same time. I grabbed my firearm and came out to investigate.”

According to police, the over-thirty Brandon Forbes was there. After falling through the skylight window, security cameras nearby were damaged.

“You can’t believe this is happening. There’s a man inside your house that has fallen from your ceiling,” Walker said.

When the night was dark, it became clear that one thing has survived the chaos.

“He was in our house, and he wasn’t supposed to be here,” Rick said. He held the stranger at gunpoint. “I could tell that his legs were kind of shaking,” Rick admitted. “I think he was on something.”

The guy who fell from the roof somehow managed to speak.

“He asked if he could call his mom. I said, ‘You can call your mom at the next stop,’ and then he turned to me and said, ‘How do you know the next stop?’” Rick added.

Precinct 4 investigators said,

When Forbes arrived, he was detained and identified as the author. He seemed to be under the influence of some

unknown substance. The homeowners claimed they had never met Forbes before and were understandably upset by his behavior.

In the news, Brandon Forbes was arrested and booked into Harris county jail for Criminal Trespass of a Habitation. His bond was set at $100.00 out of county Court 13.”

Forbes, who was the family’s last hope, is now in jail for Criminal Trespass of a Habitation and has been bonded out for $100. They are disappointed.

“Without Rick, I don’t know what we would have done. He was our only chance of survival.”

There are some things that will always be difficult for them to understand.

“He never did tell me why he was in the house,” Rick said.

After the family repaired the roof, now it has to pay thousands of dollars in damages. The family is not happy about the situation, and felt that justice was not served.