Dude falls through skylight

A popular dangerous hazard in the construction industry is roof fall. What can be done, however? Working on a roof without a fall protection system remains the top fatal choice.

A roofer fell 30 feet through a skylight on their way to repairing a roof when they stepped on glass and felt the wind knocked out of them. The 22-year-old worker later succumbed to their injuries at the hospital.

After ignoring serious warning signs in the months leading up to their construction project fatality, the Baton Rouge roofing company now face legal consequences.

After an OSHA investigation at a different work site two months later, the incident could have been prevented if protective devices were used.

In February of 2020, an OSHA inspector observed five workers employed by Premier South working on the roof of one of their buildings. This inspection event was a part of the agency’s Regional Emphasis Program for Construction.

After an inspection in April, OSHA cited the company for two repeat violations for failing to provide a fall protection system and verifying employee training.

In a proposed decision, the company could be penalized $249,323.

Premier South Roofing, LLC is based in Baton Rouge and they provide residential and commercial roofing services throughout Louisiana. They have about 200 employees on staff and work with residential and commercial clients to provide their services.