For the second time in a week, a homeless man is inside of a Venice restaurant. This time, he escalated to breaking through the skylight.

Homeless man allegedly breaks into Venice restaurant for the second time in a week

Business owners near Venice Beach, California say they now have an issue with the local homeless population. After a recent break-in, the general manager at Baja Cantina said he made security upgrades to prevent future break-ins. As if that wasn’t enough, someone broke in through the roof of the restaurant just days later.

Authorities say that a homeless man broke through the roof of a popular Venice restaurant, stole liquor, and then passed out until police arrived to arrest him. The thief is believed to have broken in at the same restaurant last week as well.

Security video obtained by police shows two feet dangling from the ceiling of Baja Cantina in Venice on Sunday morning. The intruder then lowers himself down to the bar and starts drinking bottles of top-shelf liquor directly from them. Over the course of one hour and a half, the drunken savage consumes multiple bottles, smokes cigarettes, breaks a refrigerator, and causes thousands of dollars worth of property damage.

Employees found him on the floor among broken chairs and destroyed tables – passed out cold.

It was troubling to get a phone call from his staff at 6:00 in the morning – “Piero, there’s a guy in here!” At first, he did not know what to do, but ultimately the officers came and arrested him. He told his staff not to wake him up, and they called the police. He arrived about an hour later, and they made their arrest.

Sanchez wasn’t surprised when he recognized the crook. He spotted him the night before, screaming and wandering on Washington Boulevard without his pants. “It’s shocking to see these things happening more and more,” said Sanchez of increasingly disturbing encounters with homeless population.

The homeless population in Venice is frustrating residents and small businesses.

The lawlessness of the community surrounding Venice has lead to a feeling of isolation for its citizens.

The homeless suspect stole an expensive bottle of Mezcal from the same restaurant last week. Residents saw him on security video, but the next morning he was spotted drinking from it in the neighborhood.

After the event, the restaurant’s security measures were put in place–but that doesn’t stop Sanchez from wondering where it’ll end.

“What are you portraying if you’re building a fortress here? Yeah, you’re safe, but what is that going to do for the people who come out here regularly?” Sanchez said. “Is this really what we want to portray to the thousands of tourists who come out here annually?”